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Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder 2018 Power Planner Prayer Journal

Learn to listen to God's voice and hand every day to Him to make it His with this easy day planner by inspirational author Mikaela Vincent.
Day planner, agenda, monthly and yearly calendars, and lots of space for goals and planning, as you surrender your time into God's hands. 

Christian fantasy with a purpose! Check out the new editions of author Mikaela Vincent's  novel series Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light

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The Bible studies you've been waiting for!

Dare to Be a Man of God

Powerful Bible Studies for Young Men Today on Listening to God's Voice and Winning Life's Battles

Pull out your "sword" and get ready for a powerful dive into the Word of God that just might change your life!

This deep Bible study/devotional for single men offers practical tools for knowing God's voice, overcoming strongholds, tapping into the Spirit's power, finding the wife your King has chosen for you, pushing back the darkness and making a difference for Christ. Learn how to smash strongholds and walk out in freedom and in the power of the Holy Spirit through every situation in life. Discover ways to meet with God and experience the power of His presence.

Every truth, personal experience and how-to guide is grounded in Scripture, and many men of God have contributed to the content, covering, and editing of these powerful Bible studies.

An accompanying Dare to Be a Man of God Prayer Journal is also available for your quiet times:

You can be more than just the average man. The same Power that walked on water, made the blind to see and raised the dead lives within you. So why do you keep on making the same mistakes over and over again? 

Do you want to break free? To truly walk in the Spirit? To make wise decisions? To say and do what Jesus says and does? To make a difference in this world?

This exciting devotional journal is a companion to the Dare to Be a Man of God Bible study guide for teens and single young men, also by Mikaela Vincent. Besides plenty of room to write your conversations with God, this journal offers powerful tools for

  • drawing near to God
  • hearing and recognizing God's voice 
  • finding and destroying strongholds 
  • managing time
  • dealing with conflict
  • finding true happiness
  • knowing God's will for your life
  • Kingdom Culture living and dating
  • freedom from sexual strongholds
  • walking in humility
  • trusting God
  • spiritual warfare
  • freedom through forgiveness
  • joy, meaning and purpose in life and much more!

Delight to Be a Woman of God

Deep Bible Studies for Christian Women Today on Listening to God's Voice, Walking in the Spirit, Unlocking Your Beauty and Finding True Love, Happiness and Freedom

Do you long for true love?  
Are you tired of falling into the same old messes again and again? 
Do you desire to be truly beautiful?

Packed full with tools for hearing God's voice, finding freedom from strongholds and lies, and walking in the Spirit's power, this Bible study guide by Mikaela Vincent will strengthen your faith, transform your mind, and empower you to overcome.

Written from a mother's heart to her daughter's on walking in the fullness of Godly womanhood, the devotions in this workbook dive deep into the Word to pull out priceless jewels for adorning the bride of Christ, as well as the bride of a Godly man.

An accompanying Delight to Be a Woman of God Prayer Journal is also available for your quiet times: 

Has something been missing from your spiritual life? Do you want to go deeper in the Lord? To experience the power of His presence like never before?

This deep devotional quiet time journal is a companion to the Delight to Be a Woman of God Bible Study workbook guide for single women and teenagers, also by Mikaela Vincent. But you can use it alone for your times in the Secret Place with God, as well.

This devotional journal with plenty of room to write is packed with how-to tools on recognizing God's voice, following His lead, making wise decisions, walking in the Spirit and knowing God's will.

Spiritual warfare prayers are included for breaking free from sin habits, lies, generational and other strongholds. Its companion workbook has added tips on unlocking your beauty and finding the husband your King has prepared for you.

Written from a mother's heart to her daughter's and spiritual daughters', this journal offers lifetime tips for drawing near to God, experiencing the power of His presence, navigating conflict in relationships, finding acceptance, love, and much more. 

Step into the adventure today!

Tired of your spiritual desert?

Want to hear God's voice? Feel His touch? Follow His lead? Walk in the Spirit? Not just once in awhile, but all the time?

Don't let your spiritual life dry out. Drink deep of the waters of the Word through MikaelaVincent's devotionals and novels for youth, leaders, children, women and parents, and discover practical keys to walking in the Spirit on a constant basis.

"Vincent is particularly great at asking probing questions that helped me to examine my heart and draw closer to the Lord. This author has a depth of insights into the Scriptures."  -- Kathy Collard Miller, author of Never Ever Be the Same:  A New You Starts Today 

(This review has been used on this website with Kathy Collard Miller's permission.)

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Do you long to walk as one with Christ? That's what we were created for, after all. (Matthew 22:37-40, John 14:20) But it's not always what we walk in.

 Are you so busy working for God you haven't had time to enjoy Him? (Luke 10:38-42)

You will burn out doing everything in your own power. Plug into the Source. Philippians 4:13.  Set aside time on your calendar for a day alone with the Lord.

Want some suggestions? Try the devotionals in Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader, or write Mikaela Vincent for more ideas:

"Let the Truth you know become the Truth you live." -- Mikaela Vincent, author of Delight to Become a Woman of God and Dare to Become a Man of God