Powerful, effective spiritual warfare strategies for overcoming the enemy in the battlefield of the mind

Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior

by Mikaela Vincent

The Power that conquers all lives within you. So stand up and fight!

The father of lies battles day and night to draw you and those you love away from God's purposes. Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior, by inspirational author Mikaela Vincent, offers practical, effective spiritual warfare strategies for husbands, fathers, and single men of God to fight for their families and their own freedom from fear, anxiety, conflict, nightmares, and strongholds.

Learn to hear and recognize God's voice, walk in His empowering, experience victory over darkness in the battlefield of your mind, and be more than a conqueror, as you break free from Satan's lies and schemes that block you from oneness with Christ and others

If you'd like to study this spiritual warfare handbook together with your wife, Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder mirrors this manual strategy by strategy, but is written for a woman's heart and struggles.  

Can't thank you enough for your helpful, encouraging posts. Also, I read your truth encounter from Dare to be a Mighty Warrior.  Working through sin and the root of issues in my life is helping so much.

-- B. H.

Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior Prayer Journal

A man of prayer is a man of POWER.  

Stand up and be that man!

The Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior Prayer Journal, by inspirational author Mikaela Vincent, offers guided war room conversations with God for an empowered life of victory over darkness, fighting for the ones you love, removing barriers to hearing God and following His lead, tearing down strongholds, freeing your mind from anxiety, breaking off curses, healing conflict, freedom through forgiveness, and more.

This notebook to write in for men accompanies the Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior spiritual warfare strategy handbook, so you can process and practice the steps and tactics. 

A Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Prayer Journal is also available for your wife, if she'd like to pray through the strategies together with you.

Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder

Step into a journey to freedom through the 100 practical, tactical spiritual warfare strategies in this handbook for mothers, wives, and single women of God by author Mikaela Vincent.

Know your purpose and fulfill it. Don't let enemy lies send you on a detour. You were created for so much more! You were created for power and victory through the One Whose name is Love Who lives within you.

Learn to hear God's voice, draw near to Him, and overcome the enemy in the battlefield of your mind. Pair this book with the Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Prayer Journal for some powerful war room sessions with the King of Kings.

A Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Power Planner is also available to help you hand every moment to the One Who created you and time itself, so you can step out in His empowering to fill every moment with His presence and power.

Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Prayer Journal

by Mikaela Vincent

Learn to walk in the fullness of all God created you for in this beautiful, inspirational diary notebook to write in for mothers, wives, and single women of God, by inspirational author Mikaela Vincent.

Practice what you're learning in Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder through these guided conversations with your King, or use this journal by itself.

A separate men's version of this war room journal for quiet times is also available for men, Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior Prayer Journal, which accompanies the Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior spiritual warfare handbook, if you would like to practice and pray through the spiritual warfare strategies together with your husband.

Grab your "Sword," and get ready for a Bible study, war room experience that just might change your life! 

Dare to Be a Man of God

Powerful Bible studies for young men today on listening to God's voice, finding the godly wife He has for you, and winning life's battles

Dig deep into the Word of God and learn transformational ways to walk in the Spirit's power every moment of your life.

The Dare to Be a Man of God Bible study guide for single men and teenagers, by inspirational author Mikaela Vincent, offers tips for freedom from strongholds, sexual sin and other barriers that block the Spirit's flow in your life. Vincent offers keys to finding true happiness and the Godly wife your King has prepared for you.

Study on your own or together with your friends. Youth leaders, if you want to equip young men today to triumph over life's battles, this is the Bible study to lead in 2017. And parents, if you want your teenagers to grow deep in the Lord, go through this workbook together with them. 

Don't let anything come in the way of living the life you were created for in Christ!

This Bible study workbook is recommended for ages 14 and up. For middle schoolers, try Dare to Become a Man of God.

Dare to Be a Man of God Prayer Journal

 War room prayer guide with or without lines, accompanies Dare to Be a Man of God Bible study, but can be used separately 

Take the Dare to Be a Man of God Prayer Journal, by author Mikaela Vincent, into your war room with you and use the tips inside to pray through to freedom and victory.  Write your heart-to-heart talks with the Lord and all He's teaching  you so the truth you know becomes the truth you live.

All proceeds received by the author go to shining the Light in dark corners of the world.

A Deep Bible study for single women and teens 

Delight to Be a Woman of God

Deep Bible studies for Christian women today on listening to God's voice, walking in the spirit, unlocking your beauty, and finding true love, happiness and freedom

Do you long for true love?  Are you tired of falling into the same old  
messes again and again? Do you desire to be truly beautiful?

Packed full with tools for hearing God's voice, finding freedom from strongholds and lies, and walking in the Spirit's power, this Bible study guide by Mikaela Vincent will strengthen your faith, transform your mind, and empower you to overcome.

Written from a mother's heart to her daughter's on walking in the fullness of Godly womanhood, the devotions in this workbook dive deep into the Word to pull out priceless jewels for adorning the bride of Christ, as well as the bride of a Godly man.

This Bible study workbook is recommended for ages 14 and up. For ages 11 and up, try Delight to Become a Woman of God.

Delight to Be a Woman of God Prayer Journal

Has something been missing from your spiritual life? Do you want to go deeper in the Lord? Experience the power of His presence like never before?

This lined notebook with plenty of room to write is also packed with how-to tools on recognizing God's voice, following His lead, making wise decisions, walking in the Spirit and knowing God's will.

Spiritual warfare prayers are included for breaking free from sin habits, lies, generational and other strongholds. Its companion workbook has added tips on unlocking your beauty and finding the husband your King has prepared for you.

Written from a mother's heart to her daughter's and spiritual daughters', Mikaela Vincent offers lifetime tips for drawing near to God, experiencing the power of His presence, navigating conflict in relationships, finding acceptance, love, and much more. 

"I LOVE the little nuggets in Delight to Be a Woman of God Prayer Journal. So full of wisdom!"

-- Sherri  

New from Mikaela Vincent: a day planner, diary, prayer journal and calendar like no other! 

Let God be your Time Manager with this  Delight to Be a Woman of God Power Planner

by Mikaela Vincent

Are you worn out from busyness? Do you feel like, no matter how much you accomplish, it's never enough?

Get off those hamster wheels that run you ragged taking you nowhere, ... and step into God's empowering to do things you could never dream of doing alone, as you surrender your heart and your days into His hands.

Live the destiny you were created for. 

Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader.

Daily devotionals by M.J. Vincent on becoming one with Christ and influencing others.

Most of us want to make a lasting difference here on earth. We don't want to just live and die and be forgotten. Not that we need to have some important name or anything. But we want our lives to count for something. Something that matters. Something that lasts and influences others in such a way that this world is a little brighter, a little better because we lived. 

Whether you're a parent, teacher, pastor, missionary, worship leader or even just Joe Blow Christian, these Bible study devotionals by author Mikaela Vincent are for you.

Christian workers are under a tremendous amount of stress. Not only are they expected to do great things only God can do, but every tiny sin can find itself in a spotlight. The pressure to be the perfect husband, wife, parent, pastor, missionary, Christian, or friend mounts up quickly. In fact, Satan loves to use other Christians to drive God's people out of the ministry and even out of the faith. 

The only way to thrive in service to the King is to walk as one with Him.

The problems you face weren't meant to be solved by practical wisdom, no matter how wise you think you are. Proverbs 3:5-7. And you were never meant to be the one in charge. You were created for relationship. To listen to the Head, follow His lead, walk as one with Him and influence others to do the same, walking as one together as His body. Ephesians 4. But how do you do that? 

Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader provides practical guides on how to recognize God's voice, follow His lead and influence others to walk together as one with Him. Vincent includes tips on how to

  • Know God's will
  • Go deep in the Lord and stay there
  • Transform relationships, circumstances, and even yourself through Christ's power
  • Make wise decisions led by the Spirit
  • Influence others to make wise decisions 
  • Empower your team, family or church to follow Christ
  • Raise your children up to walk in the Spirit and make wise decisions
  • Accomplish God's purposes and agendas together with Him and your team
  • Make plans that are God's plans not man's plans
  • Parent with power and wisdom
  • Lead multi-cultural teams or churches
  • Mentor others spiritually 
  • Walk in the Spirit
  • Find freedom from sin habits and strongholds
  • Lead others to listen to God's voice and follow His lead
  • Value your team members and keep them excited about the task
  • Resolve conflict

To get the most out of these studies, we recommend you order the paperback version of Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader, so you can answer the questions in the spaces provided and take notes in the margins. But e-book and Kindle versions are also available.

If you want your life to influence others, if you want to sharpen your gifts, check out what Vincent offers in Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader. The daily devotionals or chapters are designed to help God's people walk in intimacy with Him. (B.B.)

"I've found these studies very useful in the Christian school setting. The practical guides for planning and following God together as one have helped me as a teacher, and I'm also finding great ways to model surrender to Christ in front of the children. I feel like they can see the difference it makes, and some of them have begun to pray before making decisions as well. It's helping all of us become wiser and follow God." (T.L.)

Middle school Bible study devotionals parents will love too!

Whether you like it or not, you are at war.

A workbook for young men by Mikaela Vincent, Dare to Become a Man of God features 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her son's on drawing near to Christ and living victoriously.

Through powerful Scripture, fun cartoons, personal stories and thought-provoking questions, Vincent trains young men up in practical ways to recognize God's voice, follow His lead and make an impact on the world. 

(above) From the chapter, "Dare to Fear the Lord."

Want to study together with your children? Order one for yourself, as well as for each of them.

"My sons and I are meeting 3-4 times a week for Mommy/son time as we read and discuss the lessons in Dare to Become a Man of God. It is a powerful and special heart-to-heart time." (Julie)

"My 50-yr.-old son accepted Jesus Christ last Sunday. He credits Mikaela's book, Dare to Become a Man of God,  for helping him to see he was lost." (Barbara)

"I thought I was buying this book for my son, but I was the one who needed it most!" (Rose, mother of 14-year-old son)

"It is so refreshing to see books for young men by a Christian writer. Mrs. Vincent is a gifted author. I love having her books for my grandchildren." (Sherri)

Want to lead a group of young men to study this book together? A leader's guide is included in every workbook.

It's not a fairy tale. It's true. You really are a princess, destined to marry the King. It's all you ever dreamed life could be. And it's all yours, if you delight to become a woman of God! 

This workbook for young women by Mikaela Vincent features 30 Devotionals/Bible Studies from a Mother's Heart to Her Daughter's on Drawing Near to Christ and Loving Well

The original illustrations, personal stories, deep questions and powerful Scripture in this book train up young women  to listen to God's voice and be set free from the things that keep them from the abundant life they were created for. Leader's Guide included.

"Excellent devotional.  I totally recommend this for every girl and woman." (Daniela)

"Thank you so much for the AWESOME devotional book, Delight to Become a Woman of GodGod always provides PRECISELY what I need right when I need it!  (Amy)

"I spent some time completing some of the devotionals this week and I love the lay-out, the practical application, scripture-searching, thought provoking questions. In addition to a copy I'd like to purchase for my girls, I'll be sharing it with whomever God chooses for the 6th grade Sunday School Department Director, and Dare to Become a Man of God as well." (Safe in His Arms, Amy) 

"I actually studied both devotionals together with my son and daughter. My son said about studying the girl's version, Delight to Become a Woman of God, 'I want to know what my wife needs to know!' "(B.P., mother of 13-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy)

"Dare to Become a Man of God is a powerful book for a young man. It meets him where he needs encouragement, support, spiritual encouragement, empowering, and the wisdom to see how God is working in his life. The author uses Scripture wisely and effectively to draw a young man's attention to his powerful God. Every parent or person who loves a young man will have confidence knowing that this book will speak of truth to a male's needs." (Kathryn Miller, author of Never Ever Be the Same: A New You Starts Today)

(This review is used on this page with permission from authorKathryn Miller.)

*We recommend the paperback version of these devotionals, so you can use them as a journal, writing in the answers to the questions that draw you near to God. But e-book and Kindle versions are also available.

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