Leading Your Homeschool Children to be Led by the King

Because they need more than just a schoolbook...

Do you want to help your children know God in deeper ways? Hear His voice? Follow His lead? Make wise decisions? Walk in freedom? Find the one God wants them to marry?

Maybe that's why you chose homeschooling--because you want your children to become all they were meant to be, and there are some core values most schools just don't teach.

Looking for a devotional to begin your homeschool day? Or a book to read together?

More than a Conqueror Books offers deep devotionals, novels and beginning-reader books for children, middle schoolers and teens on drawing near to Christ and living victoriously.

More than a Conqueror Books

We're not just about books. We're about books that make a difference in the lives of those you care about.

Special help for Homeschool parents...

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Because there are some thingsa son needsto know about becoming a man of God...

If you're looking for a Bible study to do together with your son, this might be just what you're looking for! Dare to Become a Man of God features 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her son's on drawing near to Christ and living victoriously

With fun cartoons, deep truths, andpersonal stories from her experiences as the wife of a Godly husband and the daughter of a Godly father, Vincent encourages her own son and every son to rise up to fight for the things that matter and become all God created them to be. 

For young men (ages 14 and up)

Challenge your son ... and yourself ... to be all God created you to be. 

This Bible study builds on the truths in Dare to Become a Man of God, with added content on tearing down generational strongholds, freedom from sexual thoughts and sins, spiritual warfare, and walking in truth, love and the power of the Spirit.

Journaling is a great way help pull God's Word deep into your heart so that the truth you know becomes the truth you live.

This journal to accompany Dare to Be a Man of God has tips for drawing near to the King and fighting the good fight.

And some things both mothers and daughters need to know ...

Delight to Become a Woman of God is the sister book to Dare to Become a Man of God, featuring 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her daughter's on drawing near to Christ and loving well.

With fun cartoons and deep truths, Vincent shares secrets God has shown her to listen to His voice, follow His lead, find healing for the heart and for relationships, and freedom from strongholds like fear and depression.

Study this book together with your daughter, and step into all God created you both to be.

For young women (ages 14 and up)

Deeper faith, greater joy and glorious freedom are your daughter's and yours as you study through this workbook, building on the truths in Delight to Become a Woman of God with yet more practical applications. 

Help your daughter unlock her God-given beauty and save her body for the husband her King has prepared for her.

Encourage your daughter to take this journal into her quiet times and draw all the nearer to God, as she records her conversations with her First Love, andfollows some of the tips inside for letting the truth she knows become the truth she lives.

Tired of fighting off novels about magic spells and vampires?

Looking for an action-adventure novel for your kids with deep spiritual truth?

Read the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light fantasy novel series for young people together with your children and open up some exciting conversations about truth and lies, freedom from strongholds, fighting the right fights, listening to God's voice, and following Him. Through humor, adventure and even some fun illustrations, Vincent provides a way for you to help your teens--and even yourself!--draw nearer to the King of Kings.

Book One: Rescue from Darkness provides keys to listening to the King's voice and finding freedom from fear, pride and lies.

Book Two: Sands of Surrender offers steps to freedom from generational strongholds.

For beginning readers!

Help your beginning reader draw near to Christ through Mikaela Vincent's I Want to See Jesus. Through sweet illustrations and easy-to-read sentences and verses, Vincent teaches beginning readers that Jesus is with them all the time.

Teach your child Spanish with this fun book for beginning readers by Mikaela Vincent

Teach your child to read Spanish with this beginning reader's book for ages 4-8, ¬°Quiero Ver a Jesus!

Freedom from Fear...

Parenting isn't easy these days, especially for single moms. If you or your child suffers from panic or fear, you'll want to check out Vincent's Out You Go, Fear! 

This story about a fearful but eventually brave little boy walks both children and parents through some basic steps to freedom from fear.

There's even a special version for single mothers.

For the Horse Lovers in Your Household...

And if you're looking for some really sweet bonding time with your daughter, you won't want to miss I Want a Horse!

Be prepared for some surprises and snuggles with this sweet book filled with beautiful illustrations and clever rhyme.


A Devotional for Parents and Leaders...

As a parent, you are a leader for your children. Of all the people in their lives, you have the greatest opportunity to influence them to walk as one with Him and become all that God created them to be. 

But it all begins with you. Your children are watching to see what you are modeling. Their view of Christ will depend largely on your own and how you live out your faith before them.

Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader is a daily devotional for Christian parents to help you lead such that Christ the Head is the One leading you, your children, your spouse and your whole family to do and to become all He wants for you. Click the photos at right to find Volumes One and Two on Amazon.

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