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Welcome to More Than A Conqueror Books!

Hi, I'm Mikaela Vincent, a mom, wife, writer, missionary, and just an ordinary person like you. So how do I know so much about being a Mighty Warrior or a Woman of Wonder

I have an extraordinary God! 

You see, we've been raising our kids in a dark area of the world where Christians are persecuted and most people have never heard the Good News about Christ. As you can imagine, we've gone through our share of spiritual warfare. 

And guess what. My enemy is NOT that person who won't do what I want him to! 

The Lord has been teaching us how to fight the right fight. How to overcome Satan's lies with Truth. How to get out of my head and let God set me free from toxic thoughts that have blocked me from hearing God's voice and walking as one with Him. Each time a stronghold fell, I found myself closer to Christ. I could hear His voice more clearly and feel the power of His love flowing through me to change not only my own heart, but my marriage, family, circumstances and even the world around me.

Freedom in Christ has changed my life! And it can change yours, too. Come with me on this journey, if you dare. 

Join with believers throughout the world daily as we push back the enemy's purposes and pray forth God's in these trying times:

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100 powerful, practical, biblical strategies for overcoming the enemy in the battlefield of the mind and removing the barriers to oneness with Christ and others.

"Vincent is particularly great at asking probing questions that helped me to examine my heart and draw closer to the Lord. This author has a depth of insights into the Scriptures."  

-- Kathy Collard Miller, author of Never Ever Be the Same:  A New You Starts Today 

(This review has been used with Kathy Collard Miller's permission.)

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