Rest in God and overcome burnout in 2024 with these day planners especially designed for listening to God and walking in His power.

Walk in the Spirit, avoid burnout, and accomplish more than you ever imagined in 2024 by letting God be your Time Manager. Surrender every plan and moment to Him, and do what He calls you to do in His power.

These day planners accompany the strategies in Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior and Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder, but they can be used on their own.


Start your power planning any day of the year with the undated power planners .

Take a peek inside (above photo)these lined day planners specifically designed to guide you into oneness with Christ through listening to His voice, following His lead, and stepping out in obedience to accomplish more than you ever imagined through His Spirit's empowering.

Begin your morning by surrendering yourself and your plans to the Lord, and writing down what you feel Him saying. Then use the half-hour time slots for detailed scheduling, as you look for what He's doing throughout the day, and follow Him there. At the end of the day, write down what you saw God doing that day.

Love this planner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the most organized and roomy organizer I've ever had.

Kate L.


VOLUME 1:  Matthew, Mark, Luke

Here's a new Power Planner series for walking out in the Word and in the Spirit!

Jesus only did what His Father was doing. John 5:19. And the Master of Miracles is now calling you to join Him in doing the same!

This first Sword and Spirit Power Planner covers the life and teachings of Christ. Read through Matthew, Mark, and Luke in one year of small-but-powerful truth morsels. Surrender each day to the Lord to make it His, and write what He's speaking over your plans. Then walk out in obedience throughout the day, and write at the end of the day what you did together.

This day planner, calendar, time management notebook is undated, so you can start any year you like. Look for Volume 2 to continue on in John and beyond.

Live every day for the One it's all for. Start any day of any year you like. Learn how to hear God's voice and step out in obedience daily through His empowering. 

A truly powerful way to grow daily in your faith and train your heart and mind to tune in to the Spirit's leading! 

-- Charis K

May My Life Be a Love Song to You, God 

Day Planner Prayer Journal Diary for worshippers and musicians

This beautiful day planner, journal, diary for music lovers is filled with soft photos of music and dance themes, and features a monthly prayer from the heart of a worshipper. The lined version offers detailed scheduling options, with room to write in what God is showing you each day. The unlined version is wide open, so you can draw or write whatever you like each day. Inside are tips for deeper anointing, as you surrender your talents and tasks over to the Lord.