Dare to Make a Difference. Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader

What does it take to become a truly great leader?

Have you ever felt the stress of working under difficult leadership? Most of us have.

In the midst of busy schedules and meetings, its easy for a Christian parent or leader to run past Proverbs 3:5-7 and Matthew 22:37-40 and do things our own way and in our own strength. But when we do that, not only do we burn out faster, but we just might burn out everyone else around us

A truly great leader walks as one with Christ and influences others to walk as one with Him, as well.

Leave your own understanding behind and step out in God's power today.

Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader.

Dig deep into the Word through these daily devotions for parents, mentors, pastors, leaders, missionaries and even just Joe Blow Christian. Discover practical tips for listening to God's voice, following His lead, walking as one with Him and with others, and influencing your children, team members and others in your care to do the same.

Vincent shares tips for planning under the Spirit's guidance, making wise decisions, resolving conflict, problem-solving, keeping your best workers, and empowering your team to follow the Lord and keep their joy, even in difficult circumstances.

Are you a pastor, team supervisor, principal of a Christian school, or other staff leader? Consider studying Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader together with your team. 

Are you a parent, mentor, youth leader, women's minister or Bible study teacher?

Consider studying these workbooks together in a group (Leader's guide included):

The Dare to Be a Man of God and Delight to Be a Woman of God transformational Bible study workbooks for ages 14 and up, by Mikaela Vincent dig deep into the Word of God, offering such helps as steps to recognizing God's voice, finding the godly mate God has prepared for you, and freedom from sin habits and strongholds.

You might want to also order the accompanying journals, Dare to Be a Man of God Prayer Journal and Delight to Be a Woman of God Prayer Journal for deeper quiet times, as they study through the workbooks.

Dare to Become a Man of God and Delight to Become a Woman of God offer 30 devotionals each on drawing near to Christ and living victoriously. We recommend this Bible study workbook for ages 11 and up.

Vincent pulls deep truths from the Word to help God's people be rid of the things that hold us back from becoming all He created us to be in Him.

Each chapter holds a key to walking as one with Christ. As we apply that key to our daily lives, God transforms us and His power within us increases. 

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