Making a difference throughout the world

More than a Conqueror Books is dedicated to bringing the light of Christ to dark corners of the world and helping God's people of all cultures listen to His voice, follow His lead and walk as one with Him.

Spiritual retreats

Vincent grew up overseas as the daughter of missionaries and speaks several languages. With more than 40 years of experience sharing God's love with the nations, she has mentored and counseled missionaries, parents, couples, leaders, women and youth, and has led spiritual retreats and conferences on prayer and missions throughout the United States and the world. The Vincents' passion is to see God's people walk in oneness with Christ and with each other, shining His light into a dark and dying world. 

If you would like to invite the Vincents to your corner of the world to lead a retreat designed for teams, churches, missionaries, leaders, staff and others to walk as one with Christ and with each other, or if you would like some personal mentoring, contact the Vincents today.

Mikaela Vincent's Books in other languages

Several of Mikaela Vincent's books are currently being translated into other languages. If you would like to contribute to this work through your gifts in another language or through a donation to bring the light of Christ to the nations, please write Mikaela today.

Mikaela's book for beginning readers, I Want to See Jesus, is now available in Spanish.

Este libro para niños de edades entre 3 a 8 años utiliza dibujos divertidos y palabras sencillas para enseñar a los niños, que recién están comenzando a leer, que Cristo siempre está con nosotros, aún cuando no le podemos ver.

Suggested Bible study devotional in MandarinChinese/English

A Strong and Courageous Life

This devotional/Bible study by Cheng Jie is for individuals and/or groups who desire to go deeper in the Lord, empowered by His Spirit. 

Studies are in English and Chinese side-by-side. Mandarin speakers who want to improve their English and English speakers who want to do this study together with Chinese speakers will find this book a wonderful resource to dive into deeper depths with Christ together and be transformed.

Do you have a suggestion for a devotional book for mentoring and discipleship in another language?

Contact us.

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