Transformational Bible studies for youth ages 14 and above

Deep Bible studies for Christian women today on listening to God's voice, walking in the Spirit, unlocking your beauty, and finding true love, happiness and freedom

Do you long for true love? Are you tired of falling into the same old messes again and again? Do you desire to be truly beautiful?

Packed full with tools for hearing God's voice, finding freedom from strongholds and lies, and walking in the Spirit's power, this Bible study guide by Mikaela Vincent for teens and singleswill strengthen your faith, transform your mind, and empower you to overcome.

Written from a mother's heart to her daughter's on walking in the fullness of godly womanhood, the devotions in this workbook dive deep into the Word to pull out priceless jewels for adorning the bride of Christ, as well as the bride-to-be of a godly man.

For an even more transformational experience, add the Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Prayer Journal that accompanies the Bible study workbook. 

Powerful Bible Studies for Young Men Today on Listening to God's Voice and Winning Life's Battles

This deep Bible study for single men offers practical tools for knowing God's voice, overcoming strongholds, tapping into the Spirit's power, finding the wife your King has chosen for you, pushing back the darkness, and making a difference for Christ.

Learn how to smash strongholds of the mind, sin habits and lies, and walk out in freedom and in the power of the Holy Spirit through every situation in life. Discover ways to meet with God and experience the power of His presence.

Step into the adventure today, and dare to be a true man of God....

A leader's guide is included for group studies or for parents who want to study together with their sons.

For an even more powerful experience, order the Dare to Be a Man of God Prayer Journal, with guided conversations with the King for freedom from strongholds. Available with and without lines.

Transformational Bible Studies for middle school, ages 10-13

Dig deep into God's Word and arm yourself with powerful and practical truths to fight off the things that block you from becoming all you are meant to be.

It's not a fairy tale. It's true! 

You really are a princess, destined to marry the King. 

You are beautiful beyond measure, and He is madly in love with you. 

Yes, YOU!

And together you'll live happily forever after!

It's all you ever dreamed life could be. And it's all yours, if you Delight to Become a Woman of God! 

Do you want to draw close to God? Hear His voice? Walk in His Spirit? Know His will for your life? Be done with that same old sin? 

God wants to transform you. To make you into the person He created you to be. Full of His power. Influencing others to know Him more. Attracting just the person He wants you to marry.

Through fun illustrations, deep study in the Word and practical life applications, Mikaela Vincent leads young people into a journey of truth that just might change their lives.

Whether you like it or not, you are at war. 
  • Will you dare to defy enemy schemes?
  • Will you dare to fight for the things that matter?
  • Will you dare to walk in truth and purity, even when everyone around you is a prisoner to lies and sin?
  • Will you dare to become a man of God?
Don't wait for the crowd. Changing the world begins with you! 

Stand up and fight for the things that matter!

Whether you study these devotionals in your own quiet times, together with your parents, or in a group study with other youth, prepare to dive deep into God's Word and come out with renewed passion, joy and purpose. (Leader's guide included.)

A Christian fantasy series that adults, teens, and children love too! Read Rescue from Darkness and Sands of Surrender, and let the King pull you into His army to listen to His voice, stand for truth, fight the good fight, and win.

Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light

With the help of magical creatures such as a flying tiger and a unicorn pegasus, six youth set out on an dangerous journey to battle dragons and demons (nomeds) and set Cory's brother free in Book One: Rescue from Darkness

And in Book Two: Sands of Surrender, Cory finds himself a captive in mortal danger only the Prince and his friends can save him from.

Vincent uses adventure, humor, and even some romance to encourage young people to stand in the truth and win over the enemy, conquering lies and sin strongholds so they can live an empowered life of victory.

Readers of the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light fantasy series by Vincent said they "couldn't put it down" and compared the spiritual value to C.S. Lewis's Narnia. (See reviews on our Novels page.)

This deep Bible study activity workbook for ages 8-12 walks preteens into oneness with Christ, so they can live in His power and love others well.

1-2-3 Walk in Step with Me

Get to know the Hero who rescues you from evil. Fight alongside Him to save the world. Suit up in impenetrable armor. Learn how to wield your sword, use your super power to defeat the enemy, and find the very special purpose you were created.

Are your ready? 1 - 2 - 3 . . . GO!

Journey through the stories that lead to a clear invitation to choose Jesus as Lord of your life. And then get powered up with the ammunition and armor you need to fight this battle of good versus evil you were born into, coming out more than a conqueror. Find out what your super power is, and wield it to crush the enemy every time.

Know the King who knows you, let His power change you, and let His power in you change the world around you.

In this action-packed activities book for older children, tweens, and middle schoolers ages 8-12, Mikaela Vincent digs deep into the Word to help preteens find their identity in Christ, listen to His lead, and walk out in His power to overcome. The crossword puzzles, memory verses, word searches, fun coloring activities, and steps to a closer walk with Christ help plant God's word deep into children's hearts, so they will overcome lies and know the truth that sets them free.

For an even deeper experience, get the accompanying 1-2-3 Walk in Step with Me Prayer Journal, available lined and unlined from our Online Store.

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