New Family Read-Aloud on Prayer and Listening to God

When my kids were just toddlers, the Lord told me, "You think you have 18 years to grow them up into My arms, but you really only have a few. In the first few years of their lives they will lean on you like you lean on Me. But when they reach around age 10 or 11, they will begin to lean on something or someone else. That Someone must be Me!"

That was such a fear-of-the-Lord moment, I rushed to put a Bible time together for us to do everyday. We just read through the Word, memorized verses, etc.

But the Lord also led me to open up special times just to ask Him questions and listen for His answers. So many thoughts run through our heads every day, some that bring healing and life, and some that hurt and lead to sin. I wanted our kids to know the difference between Truth and lies.

In these books are the strategy we used to train up our little ones in listening to the Lord and following His lead. They're now in their 20s and loving Jesus with all their hearts. Praise God!

Our recommendations:

1. Use LISTEN TO ME as a family read aloud, talking about the verses, and practicing recognizing Truth.

2. Then use the LISTEN TO ME PRAYER JOURNAL to write down what Jesus is saying to your kids so they won't forget and can look back on it. There's room to draw a picture, as well. So, if your kids are super little, you can write it, and they can draw a picture. This is a great way to increase handwriting skills.

3. The EVERY DAY WITH JESUS PRAYER JOURNAL goes with pages 70-103 in Listen to Me. This is a special daily diary for your kids who love to write and draw. It provides room for them to hand Jesus their day in the morning, follow Love's lead through the day, and then at night write down their adventures with Jesus. Great for practice in journaling.

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Homeschool Bible curriculum for ages 8-12

1-2-3 Walk in Step with Me

Deep Bible study adventure activity workbook for preteens

Know the King who knows you, let His power change you, and let His power in you change the world around you.

Through this action-packed activities book for ages 8-12, kids will deep into the Word to find your identity in Christ, listen to His lead, and walk out in His power to overcome. The crossword puzzles, memory verses, word searches, fun coloring activities, and steps to a closer walk with Christ help plant God's word deep into children's hearts, so they will overcome lies and know the truth that sets them free.

This unique devotional activity book works great for homeschool Bible curriculum. You can also adjust it to use as the family Bible devotional, if you like. Content is delivered in such a way that you will find the deep truth of the Bible made easy for kids. As they complete the illustrated children's Bible study workbook, watch character developing in them, as they draw near to Christ, learn to listen to His voice, and walk out in what the Bible says, especially in love.

Tweens will find out how to have meaningful moments with God through daily quiet times, handle well the problems they face, overcome conflict and bullying, forgive, seek God's healing for issues of their heart, and let Him set them free from fear, pride, selfishness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other strongholds.

This book also includes short lessons to introduce your child to biblical sexuality and remaining pure in talk and actions, as well as how to withstand pressure from social media and peers regarding homosexuality, pornography, and other issues most children now face way too early in life.

Parents, you'll want your own workbook, so you can keep up with what your children are studying. Like one parent said, "Adults need this too!" It could change your life, marriage, walk with God, and the way you parent your children.

Also available is an accompanying 1-2-3 Walk in Step with Me Prayer Journal for kids who want to process and practice all the more the steps to walking close with Christ that they're learning in the workbook.

Mikaela Vincent writes clean, Pure-As-Gold books for children and teens (and for parents, too!) to help our young warriors today fight for what matters most and prepare for the battles of tomorrow.

Homeschool Bible Curriculum for Teens 

Dare to Be a Man of God

Deep Bible study workbook for ages 14+ on breaking free from strongholds, walking in integrity and in the Word, overcoming lies with truth, finding the godly wife the Lord has prepared for him, and fighting for what matters most.

For an even deeper walk with Christ, and practice in journaling what God is showing you, order the accompanying 

Dare to Be a Man of God Prayer Journal

Delight to Be a Woman of God

Deep Bible study workbook for ages 14+ on unlocking your beauty, knowing and experiencing the depths of God's love, finding the godly husband He has prepared for you, breaking free from fear and other strongholds, overcoming conflict, and loving others well.

For deeper heart transformation and peace, order the accompanying

Delight to Be a Woman of God Prayer Journal

Homeschool Bible Curriculum for Tweens (10+)

Discover how very special you are, and how deeply you are loved through this deep Bible study workbook for tween girls to help them soar through their middle school and high school years (and even the rest of their life!)in Jesus' arms.

Delight to Become a Woman of God features 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her daughter's on drawing near to Christ and loving well.

With fun cartoons and deep truths, Vincent shares secrets God has shown her to listen to His voice, follow His lead, find healing for the heart, overcome conflict, love others well, remain pure, and break free from fear and other strongholds.

Get your own workbook, moms, and journey together with your daughters, so you, too, can step into freedom in Christ.

Use it for personal devotions, homeschool Bible curriculum, family Bible study, or group Bible study.  (Leader's guide included in this book.) 

Dare to Become a Man of God

By Mikaela Vincent

If you're looking for a deep Bible study workbook to do together with your son, this could be just the workbook to change his life forever (and maybe yours too)! Dare to Become a Man of God features 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her son's on drawing near to Christ and living victoriously

With fun cartoons, deep truths, and personal stories from her experiences as the wife of a Godly husband and the daughter of a Godly father, Vincent encourages her own son and every son to listen to God, follow His lead, overcome lies with truth, love others well, remain pure, and fight for the things that matter most.

We suggest mothers or fathers get their own workbook to study together with their sons. Like one mother said, "I thought I got this for my son. But it turns out I'm the one who needed it!"

Use it for personal devotions, homeschool Bible curriculum, family Bible study, or group Bible study.  (Leader's guide included in this book.) 

Pure novels for tweens and teens, ages 8+

Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light

Great for family read-alouds! 

Read the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light fantasy novel series for young people together with your children and open up some exciting conversations about truth and lies, freedom from strongholds, fighting the right fights, who they are in Christ, listening to God's voice, and following Him. Through humor, adventure and even some fun illustrations, Vincent provides a way for you to help your kids--and even yourself!--draw nearer to the King of Kings.

Book One: Rescue from Darkness provides keys to listening to the King's voice and finding freedom from fear, pride and lies.

Book Two: Sands of Surrender offers steps to freedom from generational and other strongholds.

For beginning readers!

Help your beginning reader draw near to Christ through Mikaela Vincent's I Want to See Jesus. Through sweet illustrations and easy-to-read sentences and verses, Vincent teaches beginning readers that Jesus is with them all the time.

If you'd like to teach your child to read Spanish, check out the Spanish version ¬°Quiero Ver a Jesus!

Freedom from Fear...

If you or your child suffers from panic or fear, check out Vincent's Out You Go, Fear!  

This story about a fearful but eventually brave little boy walks both children and parents through some basic steps to freedom from fear. In the back are special tips for parents on helping their children listen to God and break free from strongholds.

There's also a special version for single mothers.

For the Horse Lovers in Your Household

If you're looking for some really sweet bonding time with your daughter, you won't want to miss I Want a Horse! Be prepared for some surprises and snuggles with this sweet book filled with beautiful illustrations and clever rhyme. 

Follow Kimberly's story as she asks for her heart's desire, only to find she already has a treasure far greater.

For extra fun practicing creative writing and story-telling, you'll want the accompanying I Want a Horse Draw-My-Own-Story Book.

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