From the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light, Mikaela Vincent offers two middle school Christian fantasy novels that have captured the attention of young people and parents alike! 

"A never before seen twist to a truth Christians know. Don’t expect a slow paced story.... This novel ... will keep you on the edge of your seat, and dying to know “what happens next.”

"'Rescue from Darkness,' by Mikaela Vincent, is an allegorical fantasy, filled with adventure, monsters, suspense and heroes. Ms. Vincent cleverly portrays ... the story of redemption ... in such a way that the reader will find himself looking at it with new eyes and a new perspective.

"Overall I found this book to be exciting, intriguing and adventurous. Next to most other YA fantasies, this book blows them all away. As a YA reader and writer myself, I know how hard it is to find good clean YA fiction. This was both.

"I liked how Ms. Vincent portrayed the sibling relationships. Lots of YA books show perfect families, or completely estranged ones. 'Rescue from Darkness' had three sets of siblings. All of them were shown realistically- from arguing over small issues, to realizing, after a dangerous event, how much they actually cared for each other.

"The creatures created in Ms. Vincent’s book are unusual, and very amusing. Rather than taking well-known mythical creatures, she opted to create her own. This resulted in some very ... intriguing characters. I really enjoyed how she knit the creatures together, and created such memorable characters from them. (Gildoria) is probably my favorite creature, ... mostly because she’s Victoria’s steed."

-- Book report by Angela Dawne, homeschool student, on Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light, Book 1: Rescue from Darkness by Mikaela Vincent

Get ready for some exciting adventures that just might change your life!

Snatched from their summer fun by a sudden tragedy, six friends loyal to the King of Light embark on an unforgettable adventure into the Kingdom of Darkness to rescue a child held hostage by terrifying creatures. 

As they struggle against monsters—and even each other—to overcome the fight against night, the friends soon discover the true enemy they must conquer is the enemy within.

Vincent uses adventure and humor to encourage young people to stand in the truth and win over the enemy.

Banished by the King of Light, Cory cannot continue the search for his kidnapped brother until he discovers a way back into the Kingdom of Darkness. When creatures of Darkness offer to lead him there, he agrees to follow, a decision that costs him his freedom and exposes a plot against his family so dangerous he may not make it out alive. 

Meanwhile, Victoria sets out on her own misadventure, placing those she loves in such terrible peril, Cory's life is not the only one she must save.

Vincent uses humor and adventure to teach young people truths that open the door to freedom from strongholds, so they can walk in the intimacy with the King of Kings they were created for. 

"Recently I read the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light and my husband has noticed a difference and has encouraged me to read more books by the author. This is the first time that he has seen so much fruit in me so quickly as a result of reading books and so, based on his response, Rescue from Darkness and Sands of Surrender are my all-time favorite books. And yes, I know that they're written for kids!" (Ruth H, mother)

"I was just reading a sample of your book, Sands of Surrender, on my kindle, and it was really good! I also have read Rescue from Darkness five times! I really like it!!! Tell me when your next book is coming out, because they really speak to me and I want to get it."  (Joseph, age 14)

"I just couldn't put down Rescue from Darkness. My mom had to keep reminding me to do my chores! I read it in three days." (Amber, age 12)

"I just finished Rescue from Darkness. Today, I talked to Jesus all day long just like Victoria. And He answered me!" (Charis, age 14)

"I couldn't put Rescue from Darkness down. I stayed up all night to read it. I found so many important word pictures that apply to things I'm going through right now that God talked to me all night long. Now I'm excited to get out there and stand for Him!" (Judy, age 58)

"We just finished reading the Narnia series, and then we started reading the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light. The spiritual meaning is so much clearer in Rescue from Darkness, and has given us much to talk about. My children are drawing closer to the Lord and stronger in their faith through reading your novel. We can't wait to read Sands of Surrender!"  (Ingrid, children ages 10-12)

Joseph rides into battle

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