Savor the Journey!

It's easy to become discouraged by trials that loom like mountains in our path. But what if  what seems like an obstacle is actually the very thing God is using to build your faith, draw you closer to Him, change your circumstances, heal you, transform you? 

All proceeds the author receives go to sharing the Light in dark places where few have heard the name of Jesus.

Deep Bible study for single women

The issues young women face today are all the more difficult to navigate than even just a few years ago when I wrote Delight to Become a Woman of God for my middle school daughter. 

Although that small group Bible study devotional for older children and younger teens is still available, this new version, Delight to Be a Woman of God for ages 14 and above goes all the deeper to help single women to freedom from genera-tional curses, fear, sexual strongholds, and lies that keep them from walking in the fullness of their beauty and Christ's love. 

This deep Bible study workbook to write in for single women offers steps to hear God's voice, follow God's will, resolve conflict, find true love and much more.

A war room prayer journal for your quiet times like no other

Shake up your quiet times with the Delight to Be a Woman of God Prayer Journal notebook to write in. Packed full with prompts for hearing God's voice, walking in the Spirit, and finding freedom from strongholds and curses, this companion to Delight to Be a Woman of God Bible study is available with lines and without.

Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder (100 Practical, effective strategies for overcoming sin and wrong thought processes, devotional Bible study)

Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Power Planner (day planner, diary, calendar, goal organizer for overcoming burnout by handing every day and every plan to the Lord). Available undated lined and unlined.

Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Prayer Journal (notebook to write in withguided war room conversations with the King on overcoming trials and breaking free from fear, conflict, unforgiveness, strongholds). Available lined and unlined.

Fight evil and win. For real!

New books by Mikaela Vincent on overcoming the enemy in the battlefield of your mind

Want to practice these war room strategies together with your husband?

Give him Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior (same 100 warfare strategies as Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder, but written for the husband/ father)

Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior Prayer Journal (available lined and unlined)

"When my daughter was looking for a devotional for her quiet times, we searched through Christian book stores, but couldn't find anything deep enough. So in my quiet times with the Lord, we wrote these 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her daughter's on drawing near to Christ and loving well. "How exciting to study them together, not only with my daughter, but with my son as well. He said, "I need to know what my wife needs to know!" Many other mothers and daughters have gone through this study together or in their own quiet time, and have found it to be a powerful boost to going deeper in Christ and walking in His Spirit."

-- Mikaela Vincent, author of Delight to Become a Woman of God

Written from a mother's heart to her daughter's on drawing near to Christ and loving well, Delight to Become a Woman of God is a deep group Bible study for middle school and youth ages 11-14 that can also be used for daily devotions. Study it together with your daughter or other friends for deep transformational discipleship.

Let your quiet times come alive.
  • Learn how to hear God's voice and know that HE is the One speaking.
  • Let God set you free from the strongholds that have been stealing your joy.
  • Learn practical ways to come in step with the Spirit. 
  • Learn some great tools for understanding others and helping them to healing.
  • Find freedom from discouragement, fear, rejection, impatience, bitterness, depression...
  • Fight the right fight and WIN!

We recommend the printed version of Delight to Become a Woman of Godso you can use it as a journal, digging into Scripture and writing the answers to the deep questions. It's a great way to plant the truth deep in your heart where it can transform you. But Kindle and e-book versions are also available.

Special help for mothers...

Because there are some things a mother just needs to teach her son...


If you're looking for a Bible study to do together with your son, this might be just what you're looking for! Dare to Become a Man of God features 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her son's on drawing near to Christ and living victoriously. 

With fun cartoons, deep truths, andpersonal stories from her experiences as the wife of a Godly husband and the daughter of a Godly father, Vincent encourages her own son and every son to rise up to fight for the things that matter and become all God created them to be. 

Because there are some things both a mother and daughter need...

Delight to Become a Woman of God is the sister book to Dare to Become a Man of God, featuring 30 devotionals from a mother's heart to her daughter's on drawing near to Christ and loving well.

With fun cartoons and deep truths, Vincent shares secrets God has shown her to listen to His voice, follow His lead, find healing for the heart and for relationships, and freedom from strongholds like fear and depression.

Study this book together with your daughter, and step into all God created you both to be.


Parenting isn't easy these days, especially for single moms. If you or your child suffers from panic or fear, you'll want to check out Vincent's Out You Go, Fear! 

This story about a fearful but eventually brave little boy walks both children and parents through some basic steps to freedom from fear.

There's even a special version for single mothers.

And if you're looking for some really sweet bonding time with your daughter, you won't want to miss I Want a Horse!

Be prepared for some surprises and snuggles with this sweet book filled with beautiful illustrations and clever rhyme.


Help your beginning reader draw near to Christ through Mikaela Vincent's I Want to See Jesus. Through sweet illustrations and easy-to-read sentences and verses, Vincent teaches beginning readers that Jesus is with them all the time.

Teach your child to read Spanish with this beginning reader's book for ages 4-8, ¬°Quiero Ver a Jesus!

Read the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light fantasy novel series for young people together with your children and open up some exciting conversations about truth and lies, freedom from strongholds, fighting the right fights, listening to God's voice, and following Him. Through humor, adventure and even some fun illustrations, Vincent provides a way for you to help your teens--and even yourself!--draw nearer to the King of Kings.

Book One: Rescue from Darkness provides keys to listening to the King's voice and finding freedom from fear, pride and lies.

Book Two: Sands of Surrender offers steps to freedom from generational strongholds.

As a parent, you are a leader for your children. Of all the people in their lives, you have the greatest opportunity to influence them to walk as one with Him and become all that God created them to be. 

But it all begins with you. Your children are watching to see what you are modeling. Their view of Christ will depend largely on your own and how you live out your faith before them.

Dare to Become a Kingdom Culture Leader is a daily devotional for Christian parents to help you lead such that Christ the Head is the One leading you, your children, your spouse and your whole family to do and to become all He wants for you. Click the photos at right to find Volumes One and Two on Amazon.

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