Draw near to God, walk in His leadership, and influence others to do the same with these deep Bible study workbooks and prayer journals by inspirational author Mikaela Vincent. 

The Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior series

Dive deep into the Word of God with Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior's 100 practical, tactical, biblical, tried-and-true strategies for overcoming the enemy in the battlefield of the mind.

Find steps to freedom from anger, anxiety, lust, and other strongholds. Overcome conflict. Cover your family. And open up the way for oneness in your marriage and with the Lord.

Process what God is teaching you and go even deeper with the Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior Prayer Journal. Then, practice surrendering every plan, every moment, and every day to the Lord to make it His, and walk in His Spirit's power to accomplish more than you ever imagined with the 2022 Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior Power Planner. Or if you'd like to start letting God be your Time Manager today, try the undated version, Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior Power Planner.





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